B&C Technologies Industrial and Commercial Laundry Equipment, Sales, & Service

Do you run a dry cleaners, hotel, laundromat, distillery, or assisted living home in Florida? Looking for an economical and efficient Industrial Equipment to do laundry at your place of business? When it comes down to a cost-effective solution, investing in commercial laundry machines is your best bet. 

We offer a wide range of machines by B&C Industrial and Commercial Laundry Machines at different price points that are sure to fit your business’s needs.

Why use B&C Technologies equipment?

GCES has distributed leading national brand laundry machines, such as B&C Technologies, to businesses all over the state of Florida. Our customers are mostly based in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Orlando. They occasionally extend to other parts of the U.S. 

We are proud to serve big-name clients like Universal Studios and SeaWorld / Busch Gardens, which both have large wardrobe and laundry departments. In addition to sales, we also have a parts and services department for those customers in need of part replacements or servicing malfunctioning machines.

Our B&C Technologies Industrial and Commercial Laundry Machines

Whether you’re looking for a washer, dryer, or flat irons with all the convenient bells and whistles, or a simple eco-friendly machine, we carry a range of options for you to choose from.

As a licensed reseller of B&C Technologies machines and parts, we at Gulf Coast Equipment Sales are proud to sell, maintain, and provide service parts for all B&C Technologies machines. B&C offers standard stainless steel drying cylinders as a standard feature for all their dryers while other companies upcharge for stainless steel.

B&C Technologies Industrial and Commerical | Washers


Our B&C Washers are engineered from the most innovative components to ensure that your machine stays in optimal working condition for years to come. These machines are easy to operate and come in many different designs that are built to thoroughly wash even the heftiest loads of laundry.


  • HE Series Commercial Washer
  • HP Series Commercial Washer
  • SP Series Commercial Washer
  • SI Series Industrial Washer
  • SA Series Industrial Washer
  • SB Series Industrial Washer
B&C Industrial Equipment washer

B&C Technologies Industrial and Commercial | Dryers


Unlike other brands, B&C Technologies offers dryer machines that already come equipped with all stainless steel drums. This line of cutting-edge dryers features energy-saving and insulated cabinets that offer much quieter operation.


  • DE Series Commercial Dryer
  • DP Series Industrial Dryer
  • DI Series Industrial Dryer
  • TS Series Drying Cabinet
  • FC Series Fireman’s PPE Cabinet



DP Series Industrial Dryer

DP Series Industrial Dryer

DI Series Industrial Dryer

DI Series Industrial Dryer

B&C Technologies Industrial and Commercial | Flat Irons


B&C’s line of flat irons offers the best performance at the lowest prices on the market. These machines are both durable and designed to provide easy temperature regulation. Users can simply place lightly damp sheets into the roller and get a neatly pressed and folded sheet in seconds.


  • IC Series Commercial Ironer
  • IR Series Commercial Ironer
  • IQ Series Commercial Feeder-Ironer-Primary Folder
  • IF Series Commercial Feeder-Ironer-Folder
  • IM Series Industrial Ironer



IR Series Commercial Ironer

IR Series Commercial Ironer

IF Series Commercial Feeder-Ironer-Folder

IF Series Commercial Feeder-Ironer-Folder

What Type Of B&C Washer is best for the healthcare or hospitality industry?

Choosing the right machine can be tough when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, our team of experts is here to ensure that you end up with the most affordable and efficient option to fit all your needs.

The SB Series Industrial Washer is best for those businesses where hygiene is a major concern.  If you’re in the healthcare or hospitality industry and are dealing with large loads of laundry, this machine may be the best for you. The SB Series Industrial Washer is both powerful and easy to control.

This machine also comes with B&C’s most up-to-date technical features, including a softmount barrier that allows for 350G extractions. With a built-in suspension, softmount machines offer better extraction speeds, meaning less time in the dryer. The SB Series Industrial Washer is a great investment that will end up saving businesses much more money and time when it comes to drying linens.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a B&C Technologies Drying Cabinet As Opposed To A Standard Dryer?

Many garments should never be put into a traditional tumble dryer. Studies show up to 30% of garments worn on a daily basis have warning tags stating they should not be tumble dried. Drying cabinets have the ability to create exact temperatures and humidity needed for a given garment. They are perfect for special processes such as wetcleaning and special gear like fire fighting garments. Fabrics last longer when dried in a drying cabinet and the life span of drying cabinets is much longer than conventional tumble dryers. B&C Technologies has created top of the line drying cabinets designed for different industries and marketplaces.

What Model Of B&C Technologies Flat Iron Is Best For A Hotel Business?


We carry several different B&C flat irons that are well-suited for hospitality businesses, one of them being the IC Series Commercial Ironer. This flat iron is perfect for hotels because it can handle high-quality linens and comes with a digital temperature and speed control. It is best suited for small- to medium-sized laundry sizes, such as napkins, pillowcases and more. 

If you’re looking for a flat iron for large-sized linens, be sure to ask one of our experts about the IF Series Commercial Feeder-Ironer-Folder or any of our other B&C Technologies machines.

Our Parts Department

Needing new parts for your B&C dryer? With the number of brand machines we represent at GCES, you can rest assured we have the part you need. We’ve recently inventoried over 20,000 parts and are going through the process again to ensure we consistently provide everything our customers are looking for.

What Types Of B&C Industrial Equipment Parts Do You Offer?


We have thousands of B&C Industrial and Commercial Laundry Machines OEM parts in stock, including

  • Bearing, O-Rings
  • Belts
  • Electrical
  • Filters 
  • Floats
  • Gaskets
  • Inverters
  • Motors
  • Pneumatic
  • Pumps
  • Spin discs
  • Valves
B&C Industrial Equipment Parts

How Do I Request B&C Industrial Equipment Parts?

If there’s a part you need, simply give us a call. We promise to get back to you as promptly as possible.


Can I Have My B&C Technologies Machines Serviced?

We are proud to offer our customers not only the value of our sales and parts, but also fast and convenient service for all our machines. All of our GCES technicians are factory trained, meaning they receive hands-on training from B&C factories to learn to service these machines, specifically. 

Because our suppliers are constantly revamping and releasing new lines of equipment, we are committed to continually educating our staff and technicians. This way, they can keep up with the latest trends to offer our customers the best in service. Our technicians attend continuing education throughout the year. Need your machine serviced, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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