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It can be difficult to effectively run a business without investing in commercial laundry and drycleaning equipment. Small and large scale businesses require daily washing, drying, and ironing as part of their business processes. If you run a business in the Florida area and are in need of commercial laundry solutions, be sure to look into Gulf Coast Equipment Sales.

We offer a wide range of commercial equipment by Forenta at a much more affordable value than other distributors. Have a specific machine in mind? You can rest assured we will help you find the right machines and price points to fit your unique business needs.


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Why Forenta?

For over 30 years, GCES has distributed leading national brand machines like Forenta, to businesses all over the state of Florida. Our customers are based from all over the state of Florida. They occasionally extend to other parts of the U.S as well.

We are proud to serve big-name clients like Universal Studios and SeaWorld / Busch Gardens, Marriott to name a few. In addition to sales, we also have a parts and services department for those customers in need of part replacements or service for malfunctioning machines.

Our Forenta Machines

Whether you’re looking for finishing equipment, chillers, or conveyers, we carry a range of options for you to choose from.

As a licensed reseller of Forenta Industrial Equipment, we at GCES are proud to sell, maintain, and provide service for the entire Forenta line. What makes Forenta machines one of a kind is their expansive product line that features safe, reliable, and user-friendly equipment.

Forenta | Dry Cleaning Equipment

Need a crisp, clean finish to a dress, shirt or trousers? Forenta finishing equipment comes in a variety of models that are sure to suit your business’s needs, including:

  • Utility presses
  • Legger presses
  • Toppers
  • Steam-Air Finishers
  • Steam/Vacuum Boards
  • Puff Irons
  • Tension Finishing
  • Spotting Boards
  • Self-Contained
  • Linen/Drapery Presses
  • Hand Irons

With Forenta’s latest generation of scissor press machines, customers can enjoy the benefits of a new and improved machine that is both simple and versatile. With multiple buck shapes and options to choose from, this machine gives you garments with the cleanest finish on the market.

forenta presses

Utility Presses

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forenta leg presses

Legger Presses

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forenta toppers


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forenta steam-air-finishers

Steam-Air Finishers

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forenta steam-vacuum-boards

Steam Vacuum Boards

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forenta puff irons

Puff Irons

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Tension Finishing

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forenta leg presses

Spotting Boards

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forenta toppers

Self Contained

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Forenta Manual Press

Manual Press

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Forenta Linen-Drapery-Press

Linen Drapery Press

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Forenta | Conveyors

Unlike many other brands, Forenta Industrial offers conveyors that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. All conveyors include Direct Drive Motors with soft-start and stop, along with hand and foot switches for forward and reverse rotation. Some of Forenta’s bestselling models include:

  • Eska-Veyor
  •  Mini-Max
  • Dip-Veyor
  • Assembly-Veyor
  • Little Giant

With Storage-Veyor, customers can reap the benefits of up to 60% of floor space. These conveyors effectively double hanging capacity , saving customers not only space, but also employee time, and money.

Looking for more automation to help speed up the dry cleaning process? Forenta’s control panels come with both automatic and manual operation. These panels allow you to automatically select the shortest route to garments and can also be used in conjunction with a foot or hand switch.

Call to inquire more about our user-friendly and easily programmable conveyor options.

    Forenta | Chillers

    Having chilled water readily available is crucial to well-functioning dry cleaning equipment. Let us supply you with top-notch and easy to use water chillers to cool your clothes processing equipment. Choose from a range of options, including:

    • 5CPC Package Chiller System – 5 Ton
    • 5CSB Split Chiller Package – 5 Ton
    • 7.5CPC Package Chiller System – 7.5 Ton
    • 10CPC Package Chiller System – 10 Ton
    • 10CSB Split Chiller Package – 10 Ton

     For many dry cleaning businesses, chillers provide a closed loop of re-circulated water to cool their dry cleaning machines. All Forenta chillers come with high and low refrigeration safeties, low ambient fan cycling control, flow control switch, and Lennox condensers. 

    Contact Us

    Whether you’re a small or large business looking for an efficient and cost-saving way to do bulk dry cleaning, be sure to contact us about our line of Forenta machines. We’re happy to help you find a machine that fits your specific needs.