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scissor pant leg press

471/481/491SN/SA Scissor Pant Leg Press

Scissor Pant Leg Press

● Presses available as Hot Heads
● Multiple buck sizes and configurations to choose from
● Patented controls allow head closing with either hand
● Electrical power cord provided for simplified installation
● Optional Integrated Vacuum – 120 or 230 volt single phase
● Fast head closing and opening for maximum operator efficiency
● Model 191SR Mushroom serves as Pant Topper and Small Utility
● Easily accessible pressure selector switch allows a firm or soft press
● Options include Iron Tray, Sleeve Board, Water Spray, Hanger Rack,
Timer, Sandwich Leaf, and Offset Conversion Kit


This latest generation of Forenta Scissor Presses sport many improvements which add to its reputation as a simple, yet versatile press. With multiple buck shapes and options to choose from, this press will quickly become the workhorse in your pressing bay.

491SA Sandwich Pant Leg Press

Sandwich Scissor

472/482FA - Clear Buck Pant Leg Press

Clear Buck

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