Forenta Steam Air Finishers

Forenta Steam Air Finisher units have many great features. Our team is very knowledgable about Forenta Steam Air Finishers. We can answer any questions you may have.

Rotary Form steam air finisher


Rotary Form

● Available with long or short form
● Control box can be located on right or left side
● Designed for jackets, coats,  dresses, sweaters
● Removable mesh over-bag for finishing delicates
● Adjustable timing – variable programs for steam, air and steam/air combination

Rotary Form steam air finisher

607 TFF Tension Form

Tension Form

● Adjustable shoulder expanders
● Operates with full tensioning when required
● Accessories – sleeve forms, front placket clamp
● Form raises additional 30 inches for longer garments
● Compact console with operational timers and switches
● Operates without tensioning for non-stretchable garments
● Finishes men’s and ladies’ coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, blouses
● Front and rear clamps for tensioning and non-tensioning garments
● Semi-automatic vent clamps close manually, automatic release at end of cycle

Rotary Form steam air finisher

81SF Steam-Air Sleeve Finishe

Utility Sleeve Form

● Requires No Electricity
● Simple to Use – Easy Maintenance
● Finishes All Fabrics, Styles and Sizes
● The Most Versatile Sleeve Finisher on the Market
● Some Garments Can Be Entirely Finished on the Forenta Sleeve Finisher
● Excellent for Slacks and Jeans that Require a Rounded Leg – No Creases

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