Unipress Hurricane Shirt Unit

Unipress Hurricane shirt units have many great features. Our team is very knowledgable about unipress shirt units. We can answer any questions you may have about your production.


  • Presses Tapered Shirts with Deep Cut Sleeves
  • Easier and Quicker Loading of Garment
  • Classic Fit Shirts are Pressed in the Up Position


Hurricane Touch Screen Demonstration

Blown Sleeve Units – Combination Body Press & Sleever

HS-2H Double Buck Press & Sleever with Optional Hood

HS-2 Double Buck Body Press & Sleever
HS-1 All-In-One Shirt Unit

Touch Screen Display

  • Tracks Production and Machine Function Data
  • Records Maintenance History
  • Rated IP67 for Moisture and Dust
  • Real-time Data Viewing through a PC or Mac
  • Multiple Operator Logins
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Embedded Operator Training
  • Integrated Machine Manual
  • Step by Step Troubleshooting Function

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