Conventional Shirt Unit: Body Press, Sleever, Collar & Cuff

The Thunder TD 2 applies an impeccable finish to the body of the shirt without compromise. Even large shirts (up to size 20) can be easily processed without special handling. It is designed and built to produce a quality shirt day after day, for years to come.

Thunder Features…Automatic Pull-Down

• Contoured Chests
• Formed Vacuum Buck
• Side Air Bags
• High Pressure Squeeze
• Microprocessor Controls with Self Diagnostics
• Centrally Located Air Valves
• Foot Operated Collar Clamp
• Dual Timers
• Color Coded Air Lines

TD2 Double Buck Body Press with Vacuum

TS1 Single Buck Body Press with Vacuum

Unipress Thunder

ABS-R:Cabinet Air Bag Sleever

ABS-R Features…Contoured Chests
• Timer Extension
• Measuring Arm
• Microprocessor Controls
• Automatic Cuff Clamp Release
• Quiet Operation
• Non-Pourous Air Bags
• Widest Range of Shirt Size
• Easy to Dress
• Minimum of Floor Spaces
• Durable Construction
• Fast Smooth Action

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