Forenta Tension Finishing

Forenta Tension Finisher units have many great features. Our team is very knowledgable about Forenta Equipment. We can answer any questions you may have.

22PTSA Tension Topper

PTSA Topper

● Variable Tensioning
● Manual drying air button
● Multiple timing programs
● Automatic pant leg measuring system
● Steam heated buck with pleat pressing shoes
● Foot controls, leaving hands free to dress pants
● PLC programmer with multiple timing programs
● Pre-steaming and other options with touch of a button
● Automatic programming for better & more consistent finish

607TFF Tension Form

TFF Form Finisher

● Adjustable shoulder expanders
● Operates with full tensioning when required
● Accessories – sleeve forms, front placket clamp
● Compact console with operational timers and switches
● Operates without tensioning for non-stretchable garments
● Finishes men’s and ladies’ coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, blouses
● Front and rear clamps for tensioning and non-tensioning garments
● Semi-automatic vent clamps close manually, automatic release at end of cycle

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